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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best of Denise Fleming

For my Best of Denise Fleming story time, I read Barnyard Banter, Lunch, Count, and The Cow that Lost Her Moo. The books covered subjects like numbers, colors, and animal sounds. The kids were very interactive counting, making animal noises and naming colors.

I found the Lunch Mouse on Denise Fleming website: Denise Fleming's Lunch Mouse Activity

She allows use of this image for personal use or nonprofit groups: i.e. libraries. As I read Lunch, I put up pictures of the foods that the mouse ate during the story.

After the story, I handed out the "Lunch Mouse" with the flap (as seen in the link above). I asked the children to color the colors of the food the mouse had eaten in the story on the mouse's tummy. I left the pictures of all the food on the felt board so they could remember the colors to use. All the kids were very excited to show me their colored mouse at the end of story time.

(Note: The food images above were taken from Microsoft Office images. Some of the colors have been altered to better fit the story.)

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